We supply both white refined sugar and raw sugar.

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Sugar is an essential ingredient in many kinds of foods, and it appears across our portfolio. We source raw and refined sugar from countries around the world, in both cane and sugar beet forms.

Sourcing Sugar Responsibly: Our sugar supplies derived from Sugar cane mainly come from Brazil, India, Mexico and Thailand, as well as from the US (predominantly from sugar beet). However, we also source from a wide range of other countries, including Australia, the Philippines and Colombia for example.

Our goal is to always ensure that the sugar is sourced from mills where the operations, as well as the farms and plantations that supply them, comply with our Standards of Quality and Hygiene.

With over three thousand sourcing channels, we can guarantee our partners an all-year round supply of high-quality sugar.

Types of White Refined Sugar we supply

Refined sugars are highly processed and purified produced from crude raw sugars to remove the molasses. Refined sugars are not produced directly from the cane juice. Instead, they are obtained from a crude raw sugar. Both raw sugars come out of sugar mills, but the crude version contains a high level of impurities and is sold only to refineries. A refinery is often located close to a waterway to receive raw sugar transported by ship from sugar mills around the world. The most common types of refined sugar are table sugar or white sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.

Types of Raw Sugar we supply

Raw sugar is the product from which refined sugars are made. It is also consumed in some parts of the world as a foodstuff in its own right. The bulk of the world’s sugar exports are made up of raw sugar, the most notable exporter of raw sugar being Brazil, which exports VHP raw sugar in massive amounts, often exceeding twenty million tons, every year.

VHP raw sugar is processed more than normal raw sugar. As with normal raw sugar, the raw sugar juice is boiled and allowed to crystallize, but it is then sent into a centrifugal chamber, which drives off the liquid content, or molasses, and leaves light brown sugar crystals behind. These sugar crystals have far less contamination in them than normal raw sugar, and overall the sugar produced by this process has a nice high sucrose content. VHP sugar is defined as being sugar with sucrose content of 99.4 % or more.