Nigeria Rice

We are strengthening the access of smallholder rice farmers to local markets.

Rice is the number one most consumed food in many countries of the world, including China, North Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Nigeria - the list goes on and on. Rice farming in Nigeria is one integral crop farming section that has a strong backing from Bostrad for obvious reasons.

There is no doubt that Nigeria has a huge potential to grow rice in large commercial quantities, however, there are certain challenges that rice farmers are facing which in turn has gone a long way to impede rice production within the country.

One of the major challenges often encountered by rice growers in Nigeria is to find appropriate solutions for quality rice processing. As a result of this, there is a lack of patronage from within the local rice market, most notably, from the elite and middle class.

In response to some of these challenges, Bostrad have started making arrangements for the construction of a rice milling facility in Nigeria. Our integrated rice mill will feature a processing capacity of 70,000 tonnes. This should effectively act as a centre for improving productivity, and also as a vocational training hub for up to 7000 smallholders from nearby communities.

Through our rice mill, more farmers can process their crop, and gain access to market, improving local livelihoods.

Peter Okonkwo, who has doubled his rice yield and started to crop twice a year. ©IFAD/Gabriel Ogolo

How We Help
Supply of High Quality Seeds and Fertilizers

At Bostrad, we believe that the use of good quality seed is a prerequisite for the production of good quality crops, which is critical in both export and local markets. Bostrad supplies rice seeds that have been rigourously tested to guarantee profitable yield.

Establishment of depots

We have rice depots located at various strategic places in the country in order to boost the distribution and penetration of local rice across the country's food markets.

Training Programs

For years, we have been building strong relationships with the right partners to source better inputs, and creating planting and irrigation training programmes in a bid to increase the productivity of the farmers registered under our outgrower initiatives. We are currently training 700 smallholder farmers on the balanced use of fertiliser, which is aimed at enhancing productivity and ensuring higher returns to the farmers.


We readily connect qualified farmers to buyers within and outside of the country's borders. As a result of this, we have noticed a drastic increase in motivation among these rice farmers.

Our Blueprint
Bostrad Nigeria Rice Mill

As part of Bostrad's food security strategy, the contruction of an integrated rice mill is in talks. The rice mill would also have a warehouse to accommodate up to 10,000 metric tonnes of rice.

The entire project was slated for delivery in September next year.