As a registered provider of organic materials, we are focused on developing our phosphate fertilizer products selling into the already booming organic agricultural markets.

Our plan is to supply the organic fertilizer market with direct application phosphate rocks and be a leading global organic fertilizer company.

Phosphate is a commodity necessary for feeding the world and Bostrad is ready to capitalize on this growing demand.

As a global organic fertilizer supplier, we have partnered with some great distributors that will allow a broad base of consumers enjoy the organic fertilizer we create.

Working with many manufacturers, suppliers and even conglomerate manufacturing companies, Fertoz stands out because we truly understand the heart of organic agriculture and design our processes for those high standards.

Our fertilizer is created from organic phosphate sources, and developed in an efficient and conscientious way, and supplied with quality in mind.

We also supply other types of fertilizers such as Inorganic/Synthetic, Nitrogenous, and Pottasium Fertilizers.