At the heart of first-class agri supply chains

We strive to maintain our leadership in the world agricultural value chain by leveraging our great passion for agriculture, high professional standards of excellence and sound business practices.

Supply Chain

Our agri-supply chain is sustainable and fully traceable. We offer full transparency into the source of our agricultural produce.

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Marketing Services

With expertise at farm and corporate level, Bostrad has an extensive understanding of the sector and its target market.

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Trade Agency

We have a well-designed platform that presents an opportunity for stakeholders of various agri-businesses to access foreign markets.

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Global footprint for reliable supply

We have a strong relationship with the trading arms of most government bodies in Asia, Middle East, EU and Africa. Across these continents, our farms, trading teams and processing facilities are based at the heart of production to ensure that supply meets demand all year round.

Mobile Layaway

Bostrad mobile layaway platform allows farmers to save money for seed and fertilizer using their mobile phones.

Local Stores

We have an established and rapidly expanding a network of village-level input and service distribution centers.

Seeds & Fertilizer Supply

Bostrad delivers high-quality seeds and fertilizers to both smallholder farmers and large agribusiness owners.


Our field agents provide training in modern farming methods contextualized with farmers in developing countries in mind.

Our Approach

B ostrad adopts a holistic approach to agricultural supplies and services in order to ensure agri-systems are economically productive, nutritionally diverse and efficient, both today and in the future.

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Why Choose Us?

Of the many reasons to choose Bostrad as your agri services and products supplier, here are a few;

How We Work

Bostrad offers a range of products targeted to meet numerous marketing objectives. We directly supply agricultural and industrial commodities and raw materials to our clients globally; concentrating mostly on developing countries in a bid to meet their ever-growing demands of food and raw materials.

Client reviews suggest we are one of the most reliable suppliers of agri products and indutrial commodities worldwide.
Agri Products

Rice, Refined Vegetable Oil, Yellow Corn, Soybean, Coffee Bean, Wheat

Industrial Commodities

Fertilzer, Petroleum, Solid Minerals, Precious Stones.

Agri Services

Consultancy, Marketing, Outsourcing, International Trade

Living Our Purpose

We apply our specialist knowledge, experience and expert support to deliver best-in-class services, top-quality agri products and industrial commodities for our customers around the world.

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From the beginning

Our History of Excellence

We set our sight on a simple, but powerful vision to enhance the world agri and industrial commodity supply. Here is our story;

  • November 2009

    Founded in the UK

  • December 2009

    Started operating as a sole trader supplying Sugar ICUMSA 45 and Thai Rice until 2012

  • August 2010

    First International Trade

  • April 2011

    Created international trade agency network

  • November 2012

    Became a Private Limited Company in the UK

  • May 2014

    Established in Nigeria in the UK

  • 2014

    Supplied a total of 27,500 tons of Parboiled Rice and 4,500 tons of White Rice

  • 2015

    Formed partnership with foreign investors in Development Projects

  • Established Joint Venture Rice Milling Partnership

  • 2016

    Supplied 25,000 tons of White rice to Ivory Coast

  • 2017

    Supplier 15,000MT of rice to Nigeria

  • Commenced supplies of Soybean, Yellow Corn, Wheat and other agri commodities

  • 2019

    Commenced the supplies of
    • - Nigerian Crude Oil, Other Crude Oils
    • - Petroleum derivatives (Jetfuel, Diesel, Cycle Oil, PMS etc)
    • - Solid Minerals, Precious Metals and Stones
    • - Agricultural Tractor (2WD and 4WD)
    • - Agricultural Products; Grains, Hibiscus Flowers, Cash & Food crops