Premium-quality Petroleum Products

We provide a reliable, efficient and secure means to purchase quality petroleum products at the lowest industry prices. Our platform hosts an array of certified suppliers in order to provide consumers with the best possible tailored service at the best price. 

Our clientele is mostly comprised of Petroleum Product Retailers, Bulk distributors & Oil Tank Farm Owners. We have a strong relationship with several Government Organizations, Regulatory Bodies and NGOs.

Bostrad is your all-in-one supplier of both refined and crude petroleum-based commodities.

Our Commodities

We are enjoying customers' trust as a reward for many years of supply of the following petroleum-based commodities:

Crude Oil
L.P.G (Liquidified Petroleum Gas)
P.M.S (Premium Motor Spirit)
A.G.O (Automotive Gas Oil)
D.P.K (Dual Purpose Kerosene)
Motor Oil

Why use bostrad petroleum?

Industry-leading prices

Guaranteed quality products from certified sources

Guaranteed prompt delivery