About Us

The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the client. Our goal is to be earth’s most client-centric company.

Bostrad: Re-imagining Global Food and Raw Commodity Supplies

Bostrad offers a range of products targeted to meet numerous marketing objectives. The company directly supplies agricultural and industrial commodities to clients globally; concentrating mostly on developing countries in a bid to alleviate the burden of food and raw material shortages as well as poverty.

The comany is involved in new product development alongside modification of existing ones. The objective is to lead the company to a new horizon on an international level in alignment with willingness and strong desire of its management to obtain high rankings in international trade and commodity world.

It is the ambition of the company to be the leading supplier of Agri and Industrial commodities that provides trade and commodity solutions to its clients and simultaneously researching markets to offer quality products at prices that are seldom encountered.

Who We Are

Bostrad is a leading and contemporary producer cum supplier of all types of rice. We also supply Agri and Industrial commodities through our agency network scatterred across the globe.

Our Goal

The fundamental goal of the business is, reaching as many markets as possible with primary aim of providing commodity solutions to every market needs.

Our Plan

Bostrad has successfully set up operation branches in Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and some West African Countries such as Togo, Benin, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. Construction of Ultra-modern rice mills and cooking oil refineries in Africa are in the pipeline to alleviate the increasing cost of rice and cooking oil importation as well as ensure local wholesalers and resellers are able to maximize profits for a viable business growth.

Our Values

The unique qualities that separates the company from others are its penchant for world-class customer services, professional international trade operations, business practices and quality products. The flagship and cutting edge of our operations are exceptional customer relationship, value and satisfaction.

In recent years, the business has experienced sequential transformations through different levels of development and achievements. Proactiveness and flexible mode of operations have positioned Bostrad to freely embrace diverse opportunities.

Our Experience

The market experience and professional qualifications of Bostrad's team members have empowered the company to establish commendable ability to understand markets; thus providing risk free entry, marketing solutions, demand-supply-synchrony and quality products to all markets, businesses and countries.